Plus: Can an old prediction about EVs finally come true?ilbusca/DigitalVision Vectors/Getty ImagesNICK LUCCHESI9 HOURS AGO

THE AXIOM “IN BY TEN” is sometimes ascribed to professional athletes who avoid nightclubs, bottle service, and the other trappings that present themselves at the confluence of youth, fame, and money.

But getting indoors — and in bed — by 10 p.m. can also directly improve one’s health and longevity, according to new research. It’s our lead story today in this edition of Inverse Daily. I’m Nick Lucchesi. Thanks for being with us.MORE LIKE THISMIND AND BODY11.5.2021 6:30 AMWHY ONE UNEXPECTED PART OF THE BODY HAS TASTE RECEPTORSBy NICK LUCCHESISCIENCE11.10.2021 6:30 AMSCIENTISTS FIND SOMETHING IN THE ANCIENT UNIVERSE THAT’S IN ALL OUR BONESBy NICK LUCCHESISCIENCE11.8.2021 9:23 AMTHE NEXT BIGGEST SHIFT FOR COVID-19 IS SET TO HAPPENBy NICK LUCCHESIEARN REWARDS & LEARN SOMETHING NEW EVERY DAY.SUBMIT

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