Still Dreaming About Your Ex? Here’s How To Stop


Getting over an ex is hard… especially when they start haunting you in your dreams. But don’t worry too much. Dreaming about an ex-partner is not some subliminal sign that you should get back together with them. It’s actually really common, and it’s not something you need to get too concerned about. Still, it can be distracting and frustrating. Fortunately, there are some ways to stop dreaming about your ex and put these nightmares to bed for good.MORE LIKE THISHere’s Your Foolproof Guide To Soft-Launching Your New RelationshipBY HANNAH KERNSHi, Just Some Jake Gyllenhaal Late-Night Show Clips For No Reason At AllBY HANNAH ORENSTEINAsking Your Partner About STIs Doesn’t Have To Be Awkward — Here’s HowBY LYDIA WANG


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First, the big question: What does dreaming about your ex mean? According to Layne Dalfen, The Dream Analyst, “Dreaming about your ex is probably not even about them.” Typically, dreams are more metaphorical — so it’s less about your ex and more about “what they represent to you,” Dalfen explains.

Plus, having these kinds of dreams isn’t exactly unusual. Theresa Cheung, dream expert and bestselling author (whose upcoming book, How to Catch a Dream, will be out in the UK in January 2022), tells Elite Daily, “Dreaming of ex-partners is very common because your dreaming mind knows strong emotions are involved, and you are therefore more likely to recall this kind of dream.”

Addressing these emotions is the only way to stop these dreams for good. Dalfen tells Elite Daily, “Once you understand why [your subconscious is] using your ex in a dream, they disappear from your dream.” But in order to do that, you first have to figure out what the dream means. So let’s break it down.

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