The Tool I Use To Sleep Like A Baby After Years Of Restless Nights

Recipe Developer & Wellness EnthusiastBy Hannah GuthmanExpert review byAshley Jordan Ferira, Ph.D., RDN

I Started This Supplement Months Ago & It's Given Me The Best Sleep Of My Life*

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Remember when you were little and falling asleep was the easiest thing you did all day? The older I’ve become, the more I’ve noticed that resting can require some major effort. As an adult, I longed for the nights when my body just knew it was time to sleep—no questions asked.

How stress affects my sleep.

My sleep challenges really began once I started college. Lingering stress from the day made it tough to drift off at night, and I started waking up more times than I could count. If I could describe my sleep in one word, it would be restless—I’d toss and turn constantly until my alarm went off in the morning.

Once I graduated and started working in social media marketing, my restlessness intensified. My job required me to be on my devices a lot, which only made it harder to shut off my brain at night.

After nights of suboptimal sleep, I’d wake up feeling groggy, stressed, and frustrated with myself. I know that sleep is so crucial to everything that we do—from our productivity to our immunity to our mood—and I was discouraged to not be getting enough of it night after night.sleep support+The deep and restorative sleep you’ve always dreamt about*★ ★ ★ ★ ★★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (208)SHOP NOW

I’d tried a number of sleep remedies and single-ingredient supplements like melatonin and magnesium, but I didn’t feel like any of them delivered lasting results or got to the root of my problem. I suspected that finding a solution that truly worked for me would require personalized care that I didn’t necessarily have the time to seek out, and figured the nights of restful sleep I had experienced as a child were long gone—until I tried mindbodygreen’s sleep support+ supplement.*

I don’t think I’d ever had a sleep experience like that in my adult life.


My experience with sleep support+.

I remember the night I first took sleep support+ a few months ago. An hour after taking the recommended dose, I noticed my body starting to feel more relaxed; it wasn’t an intense rush as much as a subtle, comfortable state of calm.* This feels familiar, I thought. This is what my body is supposed to do naturally.

I was immediately excited by the prospect of a good night’s sleep, but since I had already tried a lot of things that didn’t work for me, I tried to temper my expectations. So I went about my night as usual until I got more and more tired. At one point, I knew it was time for bed; my body just felt ready.

From there, I fell asleep quickly and the next thing I know I’m looking at my phone and it’s a little after 6 a.m.—I’d somehow slept through the entire night. I also didn’t feel groggy at all, or like I needed another few minutes to really wake up. I just felt relieved and genuinely excited to take on the day. I don’t think I’d ever had a sleep experience like that in my adult life.

Moving forward with a healthier relationship with sleep.

Since that night, I’ve continued to take sleep support+ as a part of my wind-down routine.

Considering my previous sleep struggles, I’ve half expected it to stop working after a while; as so many things had before it. But I’m happy to report that I’m still falling asleep quickly, staying asleep throughout the night, and waking up with more energy—without any side effects like grogginess or upset stomach.* I look forward to feeling that wave of relaxation about an hour after I take the supplement, night after night.*

Since I’m taking the supplement so regularly, it’s essential that I feel safe doing so. As a longtime mindbodygreen reader, I’m confident that they choose wholesome, high-quality ingredients (in this case, magnesium bisglycinate, PharmaGABA®, and jujube) in all of their products.*

I look forward to continuing to take sleep support+ into the future—but I also don’t sweat it if I miss a night. There have definitely been evenings I’ve forgotten to take the supplement, and I haven’t felt my sleep regress at all. Instead, it feels like I’ve just gotten into a new and lasting groove.

And, ultimately, that’s what I want: for my body to be able to do the things it was designed to do. Thanks to sleep support+, I’m experiencing what it feels like to sleep like a kid again. I’m rediscovering a piece of me that I’m so grateful to have back.

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