How to sleep: The tea shown to improve sleep quality in two weeks

THE HERBAL tea chamomile has been identified as improving sleep quality, however it has no effect on insomnia.

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Jim Donovan details trick to help with falling asleep

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Poor sleep quality is a common issue that disproportionately impacts elderly people. It can be made worse by fatigue and depression, which can also worsen waking quality of life. Teas with sedative effects, such as chamomile, have been found to improve sleep quality, including one study published in the Journal of Advanced Nursing. The research is conflicted on whether the effects persist when taking it for a long time, and whether it can help other sleep related conditions such as insomnia.


Multiple studies have examined the effects of chamomile on sleep quality.

Many of these have small sample groups and run for short periods of time.—&gdpr_consent=CPSAkT1PSAkT1AKAlAENB7CsAP_AAH_AAAwIIfNf_X__bX9j-_5_f_t0eY1P9_r3v-QzjhfNt-8F2L_W_L0X42E7NF36pq4KuR4Eu3LBIQFlHMHUTUmwaokVrzHsak2cpyNKJ7LEmnMZO2dYGHtPn9lTuYKY7_7___fz3j-v_t_-39T378X_3_d5_2—vC_V_99zLv9____39nP___9v-_9_3_wQpAJMNS8AC7MscGSaNKoUQIQrCQqAUAFFAMLRFYAMDAp2VgEeoIGACE1ARgRAgxBRgwCAAASAJCIgJACwQCIAiAQAAgBQgIQAETAILACwMAgAFANCxAigAECQgyOCo5TAgKkWiglsrAEoK9jTCAMo8CKBRHRUICNZogWBkJCwcAAAAAAgAAEAAAA.f_gAAAAAAAAA&addtl_consent=1~×280&!a&btvi=1&fsb=1&xpc=l0S0q13gRJ&p=https%3A// systematic review of these smaller trials found a significant impact on sleep quality.

This same review also failed to find a positive effect of the tea on anxiety and insomnia, two areas where it has been looked to as a potential treatment.

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Chamomile tea could improve sleep quality (Image: Getty)

The method used for taking chamomile differs, but the medicinal effects seem to occur however it is taken.

One study focused on twice daily capsules containing chamomile extract.

The active ingredients in chamomile are a group of plant chemicals called terpenoids, which also have use in perfumes and cosmetic products.

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