The science on sleep: Three things we learned from research, from fatigue to mental agility


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A good night’s rest is essential for your health; unfortunately, though, not everyone gets enough sleep.  

People are sleeping less than in the past, and many factors contribute to the disruption of natural sleeping patterns.

We put together some findings from researchers:

1. Researchers say taking a nap can increase mental agility in elderly people

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Several studies have provided opposing results regarding afternoon napping – some indicate that it promotes cognitive function, whereas others produced contradicting results.

This led a group of medical researchers to further examine the impact napping has on cognition. Their study, published in BMJ’s General Psychiatry Division, shows that a brief afternoon nap can benefit cognitive function in the elderly.

2. Having trouble sleeping? Here’s the science on 3 traditional bedtime remedies

green tea

Sleep is essential for good health. Poor sleep quality, or not enough sleep, can negatively affect our mood, cognitive function, and immune system.

Stress can impact our sleep, and stress and anxiety associated with the Covid pandemic are causing many of us not to sleep as well as we used to.

3. Feeling tired? Here’s how the brain’s ‘hourglass’ controls your need for sleep – new research

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No one can stay awake forever. While we’re awake, our need for sleep gradually increases. If we deprive ourselves of sleep, our brain functions – such as attention and judgement – are impaired, and sleep becomes unavoidable.

No matter whether we are on a couch or at work – if we ignore our need for sleep, we ultimately crash. Video43s

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