Sleep Number’s new smart bed adapts to your needs and can adjust to prevent snoring

The Sleep Number 360 smart bed has many features, including snoring detection. (Image source: Sleep Number)
The Sleep Number 360 smart bed has many features, including snoring detection. (Image source: Sleep Number)

Sleep Number has revealed its latest smart bed, the New Sleep Number 360. The device has features including temperature regulation and snore detection.Polly Allcock, 01/06/2022 🇫🇷🇪🇸Smart HomeGadget

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Sleep Number has revealed its latest smart bed at CES 2022. The New Sleep Number 360 smart bed can detect sleep barriers and potential health risks, such as sleep apnea and cardiac events.

You can personalize the smart bed to suit you. For example, the device can adapt to regulate your body temperature to ensure you get quality sleep. Each side of the bed can cool or heat to maintain the ideal warmth for each occupant.

The New Sleep Number 360 can also detect the sound of snoring and automatically raise the head of the bed to open your airways and ease your breathing. Plus, the bed can tilt while maintaining healthy spinal alignment for sleepers; sleeping in an inclined position can improve blood flow and circulation.

You can lower the bed when you want to get in or out of it, which could be helpful for those who are pregnant or recovering from an injury. The New Sleep Number 360 will collect data on your sleep health and share this information with you via an app, such as the quality and duration of your sleep.

The latest version of the Sleep Number 360 will be available in 2023, with pricing expected to start at US$1,099 (~€973). Smart furniture to go with your bed, such as ambient lighting and built-in charging units, will also be available next year, though this pricing is yet to be announced.

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