Scientists Create Robot Trying To Replicate Human Emotions And Everyone’s Saying The Same Thing

BY : SIMON CATLING ON : 14 JAN 2022 16:47

Scientists Create Robot Trying To Replicate Human Emotions And Everyone's Saying The Same Thing

A video clip of a robot attempting to replicate human emotions has gone viral and has drawn an amusingly similar reaction from viewers.

The clip, posted by EHA News, shows the head of the robot, which has been designed to look so life-like that its eyes, mouth and facial expressions are detailed enough to be able to mimic human expressions.

Life-like robot (@eha_news/Twitter)

Well, human expressions of being absolutely off your face at any rate.

As many have pointed out on the Twitter clip – which has been viewed more than five million times – the latest mind-blowing technological advance seems to have created a robot that looks like it’s trying to order from the kebab shop at 2.00am.

One Twitter user commented that the robot was showing ‘The UK emotions of being absolutely off ya bonk’.

Another, meanwhile, joked: ‘Me down me local after a few keys’. A third commented: ‘A robot trying to replicate being in a ket hole’.

It’s easy to see why these quips are being made. While freakishly life-like, the face is also acting slightly … blearily, shall we say, in the way it gurns and rolls its head around. We definitely wouldn’t want to be cornered by it in the smoking area outside the club.Related video:


While this version of human mimicry might suggest that the future of AI is merely going to be a bunch of androids up for too much of a good time, a much creepier version of similar technology went viral last month.

In a short clip, the humanoid robot was seen looking around the room and at its own features, displaying expressions ranging from curiosity, to surprise, to perhaps most disturbingly, recognition.

Koda’s Robot Dog Uses Artificial Intelligence To Sense Human Emotion


Koda’s Robot Dog Uses Artificial Intelligence To Sense Human Emotion

published ata year ago

‘It’s like we have decades worth of terminator films that show us why this is a bad idea and nobody thinks about it,’ one person tweeted at the time, with another adding: ‘It’s like engineers read Dystopian sci-fi and somehow came out with the impression it was Aspirational.’

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