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Full Moon: How the full moon tonight could affect your mood for the rest of the week

THE FULL MOON has been known to affect a number of human behaviours, with everything from the female menstrual cycle to increased crime rates having been linked to the moon’s orbit. With yet another Full Moon set high in the sky tonight, what could it mean for the rest of your week?

By PHOEBE CORNISH17:45, Mon, Jan 17, 2022 | UPDATED: 18:53, Mon, Jan 17, 20220Copy link

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The first Full Moon of 2022 has made its appearance this evening following another day of blue skies for most of the country. Known as the Wolf Moon, it is believed the true meaning of January’s Full Moon can be traced back to early Native American Tribes who noticed packs of werewolves howling loudly on this key astrological date. With the Full Moon set to reach its peak just before midnight, it is believed the lunar event will have a significant impact on our moods. This is how.

A Full Moon happens when the moon is situated on the opposite side of the Earth to the Sun which allows the face to be entirely illuminated and visible to onlookers.

Known to affect the sea and tides, the Full Moon could also have a significant impact on our emotions and relationships.—&gdpr_consent=CPS-zOEPS-zOEAKAmAENB-CsAP_AAH_AAAwIIhtf_X__bX9j-_5_f_t0eY1P9_r3v-QzjhfNt-8F3L_W_L0X42E7NF36pq4KuR4Eu3LBIQFlHMHUTUmwaokVrzHsak2cpyNKJ7LEmnMZO2dYGHtPn9lDuYKY7_7___fz3j-v_t_-39T378X_3_d5_2—vCfV_99zLv9____39nP___9v-_9____ghSASYal4AF2ZY4Mk0aVQogQhWEhUAoAKKAYWiKwAYGBTsrAI9QQMAEJqAjAiBBiCjBgEAAAkASERASAFggEQBEAgABAChAQgAImAQWAFgYBAAKAaFiAFAAIEhBkcFRymBAVItFBLZWAJQV7GmEAZR4EUCiMioQEazRAsDISFg4AAAAABAAAIAAA.f_gAAAAAAAAA&addtl_consent=1~×280&!8&fsb=1&xpc=mgzf32Cgj4&p=https%3A// anecdotes link this lunar cycle to erratic behaviour and peculiar on-goings, but it turns out there is scientific evidence to prove it too.

From as far back as the Ancient Greeks to modern science journals, there is plenty of proof to support the link between the Full Moon and human behaviour.SponsoredClinic CompareThis Is What a New Hearing Aid Should Actually Cost In 2022by Taboola

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Full moon man looking at it

Full Moon: How the full moon tonight could affect your mood for the rest of the week (Image: GETTY)

Orbit of the moon diagram

/life-style/life/1551496/full-moon-affect-mood-how-wolf-moon-impact-evg (Image: THE EXPRESS)


How does the Full Moon affect our moods?

An entry in the Journal of Criminal Psychology assessed the incidences of crime during different lunar phases.

The study found that homicides and aggravated assaults spiked during a Full Moon, suggesting our mood and rational thinking is directly impacted by this lunar event.

After years of studying patients suffering from bipolar disorder, a psychiatrist names Thomas Wher further proved this link.

Throughout his years of study, Mr Wehr found the mood swings experienced by bipolar patients did in fact have a direct correlation to the position of the Moon.

Full moon

Full Moon: The full moon has been linked to increased crime as found in one scientific journal entry (Image: GETTY)

The scientific community has not yet reached a definitive cause of this link, though there is one theory which suggests it is the light of the Moon that is responsible for altered moods.

A 2013 study published in Current Biology found participants had lower melatonin levels during bright Moon phases such as a Full Moon, making it harder for them to fall asleep while suffering from lower moods.

Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone which is produced in a part of the brain known as the pineal gland.

Darkness prompts the production of this essential hormone, though it is thought the bright light of the Full Moon could be playing a part in stalling the production of melatonin.

Melatonin supplements are often prescribed to individuals suffering from depression and anxiety in order to promote calmness and relaxation – something many people have found they lack during a Full Moon.

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