Recore mattress review: 30 days of sleep testing

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Recore gives you something to sleep on. And we are impressed.
Recore gives you something to sleep on. And we are impressed. PHOTO BY RECORE

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One of the pioneers of the mattress-in-a-box movement, is Canada’s largest independent online mattress retailer. The company manufactures a total of eight mattresses, all built for different types of sleepers; a key differentiator over other brands that only offer a one-size-fits-all mattress.


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Determined to find my perfect fit, I filled out the company’s Mattress Matchmaker Quiz  and promptly tested my top two results: the Apollo and the Novosbed . I preferred the Apollo but thoroughly enjoyed both mattresses. My partner, on the other hand, was looking for something a little firmer. Matt Gurney:Fixing 24 Sussex is a fine for our incompetence


Enter the Recore.

Still considered a medium-soft mattress at a 4.7 rating out of 10 on the firmness scale (’s scale, not mine), this is the firmest mattress we have slept on from the company’s collection. Because of this, the Recore has been my partner’s top pick.

According to’s website, the Recore is “designed to support active Canadians”. The mattress combines “the pressure-relieving qualities of latex with the thermal-regulating properties of graphite” to provide deep, restorative sleep after all your daily movement and adventures. 


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Summary: I really like the Recore for a couple of key reasons. First, it kept me nice and cool while I slept. The graphite-infused cover paired with the gel-infused foam helps to disperse heat and wick moisture away from the body.

Second, the latex and memory foam combo feels soft yet supportive. If your sleeping partner flops down next to you, you’re not going to bounce off (they call this minimal movement transfer in the sleeping biz) but the latex layer helps you move in and out of bed easily. Finally, it’s not too soft and not too firm, making it a great choice for a combo sleeper like me, who prefers to move around at night. So far, this is my partner’s top pick – he’s a stomach sleeper, so prefers a firmer mattress that’s not going to cave at the midline.


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Quick facts

Weight recommendations: Up to 250 lbs per sleeper

Mattress firmness: Medium — they rate it a 4.7 on a scale of 10

Mattress trial period: 120 nights

Mattress warranty: 15 years

Mattress price: $999 for the queen (plus free shipping and a free adjustable memory foam pillow at the time of publication)

The Recore is very reasonably priced at $999 for the queen, a lot cheaper than other mattress brands we’ve researched . It’s made in Canada — Quebec to be exact — which is a big factor for me when it comes to choosing where I’ll spend my money.

The Recore is 10.5-inches in height and consists of three layers plus a silver-infused cover. Fun fact: silver has antimicrobial properties , helping to kill all kinds of creepy things from bacteria to fungi and even certain viruses (sorry, not COVID-19 as far as I know…). Recore’s cover is designed to stay bacteria-free, an exciting feature for those germaphobes amongst us. 


Article content explains their three-layer foam technology and cover:

Cover – SilverCharged Top Cover

Recore’s soft and breathable top cover is specially infused with silver ions that naturally inhibit allergens and odour-causing microbes.

  1. Graphite-Infused Latex

Combining the pressure-relieving qualities of latex with the thermal-regulating properties of graphite, this cushioning top layer rapidly transports heat away from your body. It helps keep your sleep surface optimally cool and comfortable.

  1. Vortex Cooling Gel Foam

This breathable middle layer is infused with cooling gel. It works with the other layers to contour to your body and relieve pressure points while still allowing excess body heat to escape.


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  1. Ultra-Durable Support Foam

Recore’s ultra-durable base layer provides the additional support your body craves at the end of the day. The support foam also helps isolate movement between sleepers so you can sleep soundly and without disruption.

Lining up the layers.
Lining up the layers. PHOTO BY RECORE

My experience

Great customer service, which I’ve come to expect from the team. 

The mattress arrived when and as expected and set up was straightforward. It arrived on my doorstep in a large box, which required two people to carry upstairs. The queen weighs in just under 100 pounds, so you’ll definitely want to enlist a helper on delivery day. Having tested a few mattresses, the unboxing process was straightforward: remove the cardboard box, place your mattress on your bed frame and carefully cut away the plastic. The mattress unfurls and requires 24 to 48 hours to reach its full firmness, but you can sleep on it right away if you don’t mind the odour.


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How it feels: Initially it felt quite firm. I typically prefer a softer feel, but after 30 days of testing, I think I’ve “broken it in” and have come to appreciate the firmness of the Recore (my lower back agrees). The three-layer support system seems to help with spinal alignment even as a tosser-and-turner — I could sleep in multiple positions without sacrificing comfort. 

I’ve never tried a latex mattress and love the bounce it provides, not to mention how much easier it is to get in and out of bed when compared to one of the softer mattresses I’m more accustomed to.

My favourite features: I think a lot of people would say the silver-infused antimicrobial cover (it’s machine washable too), but my favourite feature is the latex layer and the low motion transfer. The bounce the latex provides makes moving around and getting out of bed that much easier, even on sluggish days. The latex and foam combination provides excellent pressure relief while contouring to my body without sinking in. When I hear “bounce”, I automatically think I’ll feel every movement from my partner, but the motion isolation is surprisingly low.


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My least favourite feature: The initial odour after unboxing. When a mattress is compressed, it often carries smells from the manufacturing process, and I found this one to be particularly smelly. While these odours are considered harmless, they do impact the experience. I put the Recore in our spare room to allow the off-gassing process to do its thing and was comfortable using the mattress after a couple of days.

Recommendation: I recommend the Recore for people who consider themselves active or athletic — it’s designed to increase performance by promoting optimal overnight recovery. While I can’t definitively say this is true, based on my research and my 30 nights of testing, it seems that the engineering of the mattress coupled with’s distinctive material choices could do just that. This is a great mattress for people who need a little extra pep getting out of bed or moving around at night and for those who have a sleep partner but would rather feel like they’re all alone in bed.

Explore’s other offerings for all sleeping needs and budgets: Juno , Douglas , Brunswick , Novosbed , Logan & Cove , Apollo and Cherry .

If you’re looking for something less expensive, softer, firmer or just curious to learn more about other mattresses on the market, check out our mattress round-up here .

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