Noise-cancelling and great sound? Final Audio thinks it has the answer

By Joe Svetlik published 1 day ago

The Final Audio UX3000 wireless headphones use a driver designed to counter the negative effects of noise-cancelling on audio performance

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Final Audio announces its first wireless ANC headphones

(Image credit: Final Audio)

Japanese hi-fi brand Final Audio has announced its first pair of wireless ANC headphones, the over-ear UX3000. These follow the brand’s first ever true wireless pair – the ZE3000 – last month.

Final claims its noise-cancelling tech uses “hybrid noise cancellation methodology”. This amounts to a new driver which is designed to withstand the stresses put on it by noise-cancelling tech. Its higher frequencies are also applied with a slight correction through the equaliser, resulting in “good noise canceling performance and exceptional sound quality even for audiophiles”.

Of course, until we’ve tested them for ourselves, we’ll have to take the company’s word for it.

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Like a lot of headphones, you can also activate the ANC without listening to music. Handy for conference calls when you need to block out unwanted sound, or just when you need to take a nap.



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On wireless duties is Bluetooth 5.0, which has greater range and stability than version 4. The UX3000 can stream SBC and AAC codecs, along with aptX and aptX Low Latency for minimising the delay between a character speaking on screen and the sound reaching your ears.

The UX3000 also support multi-point, so you can pair them to more than one device at once. That makes for seamless switching between, say, listening to music on your laptop and taking a handsfree call on your mobile.

The coating is pretty special, too. It’s described as a soft-textured Shibo coating, Shibo being an old Japanese word meaning a wrinkle on the surface of paper or leather. Not only is it pretty tactile, it’s also “superb at dirt resistance and fingerprint resilience”, and looks pretty premium, according to Final.

Charge them fully, and you should be good for 35 hours of use (25 with ANC activated). And when the battery does die, you can plug them into your music source using the supplied 3.5mm headphone cable and keep on listening (as long as you’re using a source with a headphone jack, that is, like the Sony Xperia 1 III).

The Final Audio UX3000 are available now from Amazon or hifiheadphones for £119 (€139, $149).

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