Electronics giant recalls ventilators used to treat sleep apnea

Owain Johnston-Barnes

Updated: Feb 16, 2022 03:37 PM



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A recalled Philips ventilator (Photograph supplied)

Ventilators used to treat a sleep disorder have been recalled amid fears about potentially life-threatening problems with their insulation.

Philips has recalled its CPAP and BiPAP ventilators made before April 26, 2021, used to treat sleep apnea, because of concerns about sound-deadening foam used in the products.

The products were recalled after it was found that the foam could break down into particles that could get into the devices’ air pathway and be ingested or inhaled by the user.

The recall notice added that the breakdown of the foam could be worsened by the use of unapproved cleaning products, which can result in “off-gassing” – the release of potentially dangerous chemicals.

The notice said: “The potential risks of particulate exposure include irritation of the skin, eye and respiratory tract, inflammatory response, headache, asthma, adverse effects to other organs and toxic, carcinogenic affects.

“The potential risks of chemical exposure due to off-gassing include headache/dizziness, irritation, hypersensitivity, nausea and vomiting, toxic and carcinogenic effects.”

Anyone with one of the ventilators should contact their healthcare provider to check if they should:

•Stop using the device,

•Continue to use the machine if the benefits outweighed the risks identified or,

•Use an alternative device not part of the product recall or start alternative treatments for sleep apnea.

The notice said owners should check the serial number of their machines and register them on the Philips’ recall website here or call the company’s helpline at 1-877-907-7508 for more information.

The notice added: “After completing the registration of your Philips’ device, the Philips website will display your registration confirmation number.

“It is important that you keep your registration confirmation number and serial number in a safe, secure location as Philips will ask for both in further communications.

“If you do not find your device on the list of recalled devices or during registration on the Philips website, it is advised that you contact the medical equipment supplier who provided you with your Philips device to confirm whether your device has been recalled.”

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