The #1 Snack to Buy at Costco for Better Sleep, According to a Dietitian

Costco has plenty of snacks to offer, but kiwis is a delicious and nutrition snack that can help support quality sleep.

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Lauren Manaker M.S., RDN, LDFebruary 23, 2022



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Getting quality, restful, and adequate sleep is one of the most important things we can do to support our overall health and wellness. From helping people cope with stress more effectively to support the immune system, getting enough sleep can offer a slew of health benefits.

But unfortunately, a whopping 1 out of 3 Americans are not getting enough sleep every night, setting many of us up for feeling sluggish and less focused than we could be feeling. Even worse, consistently skimping on restful shut-eye may set your body up for developing conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, obesity, and certain cardiovascular risks later in life, according to the American Heart Association.

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How To Support Quality Sleep

If you are one of the many people who have a hard time catching those 7-8 hours of zzz’s every night, while there is no magic bullet to getting your shut-eye, there are some steps you can take to support achieving quality sleep, including:

  • Avoiding alcohol and caffeine before bedtime
  • Keeping your bedroom dark and cool
  • Removing electronics from your bedroom
  • Going to bed at the same time every night, and set a bedtime that allows you to sleep for 7-8 hours

Along with implementing these tried-and-true tips, if you are a bedtime snacker, eating certain foods may help you stop counting sheep and actually get that sleep you so desire.

Among the sea of snack choices out there, one of the best options that may help you get some sleep is the humble kiwi. If you are a Costco shopper, thankfully, these fuzzy fruits are available at your favorite warehouse store, allowing you to stock up and enjoy a serving before you brush your teeth and turn in.

The Best Snack To Buy At Costco For Better Sleep

Costco is no stranger to delicious snacks. From chocolates to crunchy trail mix to those cute frozen sorbets served in fruit shells, Costco can be a snacker’s dream come true. But if you are an evening snacker, instead of noshing on chips or candy, opting for two fresh kiwis may be your best bet if you want to support your sleep.

In fact, research shows that eating two kiwis before bedtime may result in improved total sleep time and sleep efficiency among people with sleep problems. The results of this study, which were published in Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition, highlight how among a small sample size (24 subjects), those who ate two kiwis an hour before bed every night for four weeks experienced an almost 30% reduction in waking time after they went to sleep and over a 35% reduction in the time it takes to actually fall asleep once they officially “went to bed.”

According to the investigators, the high antioxidant levels of kiwis may contribute to the positive effect these fruits have on sleep. Plus, kiwis naturally contain serotonin, a neurotransmitter that plays an essential role in achieving quality sleep.

Of course, more well-designed studies are needed to support the idea that eating two kiwis before bed can help people get better sleep. But considering the very minimal risks associated with eating these naturally sweet and vitamin-rich fruits are, including two of them a day doesn’t come with much of any downside. Buying them at Costco prices can also help you save money compared to other grocery stores. Including a daily dose of kiwis will give your body a boost of important nutrients like immune-supporting vitamin C and satiating fiber, all with no added sugars and a delicious taste. If eating these fruit don’t truly impact your sleep, at the very least, you will get a nutrient boost from the little green or golden powerhouses.

If you need a little more zing in your evening snack and you don’t want to eat plain kiwi, there are many kiwi-forward recipes you can try that include this nutritional powerhouse. From a Clean Breeze Smoothie to a Banana-Kiwi Salad, the options to include kiwis in your diet are endless.

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