This Raspberry Pi Case Has A Tiny Touchscreen

By Holly Brockwell on  at 

The mini marvel that is the Raspberry Pi continues acquiring new possibilities with the news that there’s now a tiny touchscreen case available for it.

The nameless case comes from Chinese site Banggood, which despite the name isn’t actually a porn site.

It fits the Pi 2B, 3B or 3B+, and as well as the 3.5-inch touchscreen, includes a white plastic stylus so you can actually use it. Because our fingers just aren’t diddy enough for that kind of precision.

The 320 x 480 TFT screen won’t be high-res or fast enough to do a great deal with, but it’s still a handy interface option to have.

The case also includes a cover and a cooling fan, but you can’t use them at the same time as the screen. Because that’s life and you’d better get used to it, buster.

Like everything Pi, it’s pretty cheap: currently on offer for a quarter off, which makes it about £13. It’ll ship from China though, so order now if you want it before 2020. [Techradar]