event | World Data Summit

theme: Inspiring growth, innovation, agility.
October 25, 2018


event title: World Data Summit
brand: GIA Global grp.
theme: Inspiring growth, innovation, agility.

season: autumn
when: November 15 — 16
year: 2018
where: Barcelona, Spain

on web: event website

— about the event —

These technologies: artificial intelligence, mobile devices, social media, and the internet of things * — are driving data complexity, new forms of data, and new sources of data. Organizations rely on data analytics when it comes to their growth strategy, more than ever before.

These days each company generates large amounts of data:

  • how should it be managed?
  • how to get accurate results and bring value to your business?
  • how to protect your data?
  • how to set up your data architecture?
  • how to predict market demand and use of dynamic analytics?

— event program —

keynote — main opportunities for data science
keynote — multi-paradigm data science: artificial intelligence, analytics, answers

panel — how to establish missing links between business, data management, knowledge management, information tech
panel — big data project accomplishment
panel — talent management in data science

round table talk — by industry: finance, manufacturing, retail, health care
round table talk — by expertise: sales + marketing, quality management, supply chain, human resources

session — networking
session — data management
session — cyber security

case study — examples of applied analytics
case study — building successful products through data analytics: the role of analytics

workshop — customer analytics
closing remarks — what have we learned?

about | GIA Global grp.

GIA Global grp. is a team of market research, analysis and event management professionals aiming to boost business intelligence with a focus on cyber security, data analytics and operational excellence.

Our high quality international events gather leading experts and senior level executives. We provide businesses with best industry practices and help companies grow and achieve commercial success. Our mission is to bring the maximum value to improve your business strategy and operations empowered by growth, innovation, and agility.

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— notes —

* AI is artificial intelligence
* IoT is the internet of things
* IT is information technology
* GIA is growth, innovation, agility

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story title: event | World Data Summit
deck: theme: Inspiring growth, innovation, agility.
year: 2018
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