At I/O 2018, Google announced that Assistant would allow users to set a default lists and notes service. With the latest Google app beta, it’s finally beginning to roll out, and it includes a built-in Assistant provider for users that don’t want to use a third-party solution.

Once live, heading to the “Services” tab in Google Assistant settings will yield a new “Lists & notes” menu. Assistant can “keep your notes and lists synced to these service,” with the menu currently featuring Google Keep and a “None” option.

The former works as expected, and returns the ability to maintain a shopping list with Google Keep. Last year, Google notably removedthis functionality as a way to encourage Google Express usage. Commands like “Add Captain Marvel to my movies list” or “Add eggs to my shopping list” now work without specifying an app.

Meanwhile, a more interesting option is “None,” where “Assistant will not sync your data with any service.” Over the weekend, we managed to find this very rudimentary web app. Google has since blocked web access to it from a regular browser, but it’s the same backend currently used by Assistant.

One advantage of using this provider is the ability to see lists right in Google Assistant as an inline result. Users can also “View list” to open a full-screen experience of the aforementioned web app. From there, you can add more items by typing, check others off, or navigate to other stored lists and notes.

At I/O, Google noted that the following third-party apps would integrate with Assistant:, todoist, Bring!, Out of Milk, AnyList, remember the milk, OurGroceries, Picniic, and Todo.

“Lists & notes” is currently appearing on devices running the latest beta of the Google app (8.33), with Assistant noting that it is available on Android 6.0+ phones and tablets, as well as Chromebooks.

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