There’s a new maintenance software update coming for Apple Watch today. watchOS 5.1.1 follows the rocky release of the previous watchOS software update that caused Apple Watch bricking after failing to successfully complete the installation for some customers.

Apple’s release notes for watchOS 5.1.1 don’t specifically mention the issue with bricking devices, but presumably Apple has sorted out the issue with this version and won’t be making it worse. We’ll update after the update is available and report back if any issues are discovered.

watchOS 5.1.1 includes the same maintenance points as the original watchOS 5.1 software update released last week. Apple highlights an improvement to fall detection alerts, fixes for Walkie-Talkie issues, and a fix for Activity award issues:

Apple Watch Series 4 automatically contacts emergency services if you are immobile for about a minute after detecting a hard fall. The watch will now also play a message that informs the responder that Apple Watch has detected a fall and shares your location coordinates when possible.

Fixes an issue that could cause an incomplete installation of the Walkie-Talkie app for some users

Resolves an issue that prevented some users from being able to send or receive invitations on Walkie-Talkie

Addresses an issue where some previously earned Activity awards were not showing in the Awards tab of the Activity app for some users

watchOS 5.1 didn’t brick all Apple Watches, but enough customers reported issues that Apple pulled the release for several days. Today’s release gives customers a chance to receive the same software fixes, but bricked Apple Watches require servicing from Apple due to the limitations of how software is loaded and updated.

Apple Watch Series 4 customers in the United States should receive another big software update before the end of the year. Apple has promised the new ECG app will arrive later this year for the new model, and Series 1 and later will receive more heart rate alerts as well.

Today’s watchOS 5.1.1 release should be available shortly.

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