Clean cable management with smart speakers can be challenging, especially with small speakers that you might place in space-constrained areas. The new Echo Dot makes this harder than the first two generations due to the power supply switching to an all-in-one brick and cable solution from the old Micro USB cable and run-of-the-mill USB brick combination. The solution? Mounting the Echo Dot.


Mounting the Echo Dot does two things. You can reclaim that counter space by lifting the Echo Dot up, and the mount neatly tucks away the excess cord without trying to hide it behind something else.

Another subtle effect is how the Echo Dot feels more integrated with your home when it’s mounted. Ask Alexa to play Apple Music and the speaker fires off right from the outlet.

The version I tested is called the Matone Outlet Wall Mount Holder. It costs $11.99 and comes in two colors: black or white.

The back pops off so you can insert the Echo Dot in the tray, then snake the cable and wall adapter behind it. The power adapter’s cable wraps around the back plate, then the wall adapter snaps into place. After a quick installation, it creates an all-in-one wall mounted Echo Dot.

Since this mount design is based on using the existing power supply, it’s a bit bulky opposite the Echo Dot, but it gets the job done. Pairing a black Echo Dot with a black mount looks better than the gray Echo Dot with the black mount to my eye. I think I might prefer the white Dot with the white mount if buying again.

While I wouldn’t consider mounting a larger smart speaker in the same way, the size and sound of the new Echo Dot makes it ideal for this arrangement in kitchens and bathrooms. For $29-49, the Echo Dotis a great shower speaker (especially with the ‘Alexa, connect to my phone’ command!) as long as you can manage that pesky cable. Matone makes mounts for both the 3rd-gen and 1st/2nd-gen Echo Dots.