Belgian Solar Panels … Tesla Model 3 Specs vs. Competitors … Record-Powerful SunPower Solar Panels — CleanTechnica Top 20

The most popular CleanTechnica stories last week had a bit of a surprise — two solar panel stories were in the top three. The other story on the podium was a breakdown of Tesla Model 3 specs versus the specs of 21 competing models.

Just barely missing the podium were articles updating Tesla Model 3 total cost of ownership (compared to Toyota Camry and Honda Accord TCO), Tesla nailing its decade-plus mission (or 4 missions), and EV charging startup EVmatch. Naturally, there were also a lot more stories about the Tesla Model 3, Tesla stores, Tesla Supercharging, and other Tesla matters in the top 20.

For more, scroll through all 20 top stories and click on the titles that titillate you.


  1. Belgian Scientists Announce New Solar Panel That Makes Hydrogen
  2. Tesla Model 3 vs. 21 Competitors (Specs & Prices) — Which Car Is The Best Value For The Money?
  3. SunPower Launches World’s Most Powerful Residential Solar Panels
  4. Tesla Launches Meteor To Kill The Dinosaurs Of The Auto Industry — Tesla Model 3 Total Cost Of Ownership Update
  5. EVmatch: A Creative Solution To Increase Electric Vehicle Charging Access For Everyone
  6. “Never Bet Against Elon Musk”
  7. 78% Of Tesla’s 2018 Model 3 Sales Were Online — Musk Email Sheds Light On New Sales Strategy
  8. Tesla Upgrading Its Supercharging Network To V3 For Next-Generation Speeds
  9. What Does $24,500 To $37,000 Tesla Model 3 Mean For The US Auto Market?
  10. Tesla Offers Owners 50% Off Autopilot & Full Self-Driving
  11. Tesla Model 3 — As Cheap As A Toyota Or Honda But 3× Better
  12. New VIN Registrations Reveal That The RHD Tesla Model 3 Is Coming!
  13. Jim Cramer Explains How Short Sellers Manipulate Stocks — Like Tesla (TSLA)
  14. Just Ask Washington: Yes, Coal-Killing Solar Panels Work In Rainy Weather
  15. Tesla Online Sales — Bigger News Than $35,000 Model 3
  16. Tesla FUD: What’s Going On?!? OMG WTFUD?!? #TSLA #Pravduh
  17. Supercharger V3 — Shocking Power & Smart Strategy By Tesla (Charts!)
  18. How A Tiny Offshore Wind Farm In Scotland Could Unseat A US President
  19. Tesla Will Reveal Sub-$40,000 Model Y On March 14th In California
  20. Tesla Model Y Club — Obsessive EV Forum Time!


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