Ford is building an electric F-150, too, besides a hybrid version

With Tesla, Rivian, Atlis and now Ford in the mix, the battery-powered pickup race is on

Ford is planning to build a completely electric version of its popular F-150, the automaker has confirmed, alongside the hybrid powertrain variant it announced several months ago.

“We’re going to be electrifying the F-Series, battery electric and hybrid,” Ford president of global markets Jim Farley was quoted by the Detroit Free Press during a conference in Detroit, adding the move would future-proof the truck.

We’ve already seen a few wild truck concepts like the Rivian and Bollinger, but a regular-looking F-150 might be the key for buyers wanting to dip their toes in the EV pickup market.

Ford says the move is crucial to protecting the pickup franchise against the likes of Tesla, which is planning on releasing its own electric pickup, too.

Ford has talked about making a hybrid version in the past, but this is the first mention of a pure-electric F-Series; driven only by electric motors and powered solely by batteries, the truck would be a zero-emissions vehicle.

Despite strong competition, the F-150 remains the best-selling pickup truck in North America, and a recent partnership with VW could help move this electrification project along quickly.

VW and Ford are also currently co-developing commercial truck and medium-sized pickups with electric drivetrains and self-driving technology.