Fremont, California police get Tesla Model S squad vehicle

The pilot program – set in the city where the Model S is built – is part of a local plan to reduce emissions

Fremont, California police have scored a pretty sweet new ride for fighting crime, a Tesla Model S.

The Tesla will be monitored by the department to decide if they want to proceed buying similar vehicles in the future.

According to Autoblog, the move comes as the city pushes toward its goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 25 per cent before 2020, from its last baseline at 2005.

It helps that the Model S is built in Fremont, and, obviously, that it produces zero emissions from its electric motors.

The vehicle itself is a used 2014 Model S 85 the department purchased for US$61,478.50 (yes, they included the extra two quarters) and then equipped with US$4,447 worth of parts. That number is expected to climb as they add more features.

While the vehicle will be great for lowering emissions and catching criminals travelling at moderate speed, the 2014 S 85 can only travel up to 426 kilometres before it runs out of charge, so you hypermiling criminals in Geo Metros, take note!

The Tesla replaced a 2007 Dodge Charger, which definitely contributed to the 980 metric tons of carbon dioxide the department emits annually. The Fremont PD also mentioned the Ford Explorers on fleet use about US$32,000 worth of fuel over five years.

Solar charging panels at the department will also help reduce emissions. Other hybrid vehicles might also be put to use by the department in the future.