Unplugged Performance unveils stunning new modified Tesla Model S P100D



Unplugged Performance, which aims to be to Tesla what AMG is to Mercedes-Benz, unveils their latest full vehicle upgrade package for the Model S at SEMA today.

It’s called ‘the S-APEX series for Tesla Model S’ and they unveiled it on a Model S P100D – resulting in a stunning widebody Tesla vehicle with racing suspension and more.

We previously reported on Unplugged Performance, which is one of several aftermarket accessories and performance upgrade companies focused solely on Tesla vehicles.

On top of their specific part upgrades and accessories, the California-based company also offers full vehicle upgrade program for Tesla’s vehicles and ‘S-APEX’ is their latest one.

They described the vehicle in a press release:

“The Unplugged Performance S-APEX program then extensively reworks the car into the ultimate expression of a Tesla Model S. Every S-APEX build is uniquely commissioned to the specific individual tastes of each owner, however identifying traits including the 19-piece prepreg carbon fiber body, racing suspension, upsized carbon ceramic brakes, ultra-light wheels and fully bespoke interior details. As a result of Unplugged Performance’s use of exotic materials and supercar-grade performance upgrades, their complete vehicles and the experienced team have become renowned for their unique attention to detail.”

Here are a few images of the stunning vehicle that they unveiled at SEMA in Las Vegas today:

The company says that the S-APEX body conversion can be configured to showcase visible carbon fiber, or painted to match the vehicle’s body color, which is what they did in the case of the demonstration vehicle.

It consists of 19 pieces of dry carbon fiber body, which increases the overall width by forty millimeters per corner.”

They say that they can also integrate the wide body panel via hand-sculpting for “a seamless appearance.”

With the widened body, tires with an increased width (up to 335mm in the rear) can be installed for increased performance.

They offer “a range of ultra-light weight forged wheels may be selected in 19, 20, and 21-inch diameters.” The demonstration vehicle features Unplugged Performance UP-03 Carbon Fiber wheels in 20” diameter, which utilize carbon fiber barrels that provide a 50% reduction in rotational mass (each wheel weighs only 16.8 lbs / 7.6 kg).

Customers can choose to add Unplugged Performance’s Super-light Carbon Ceramic 6-piston braking system, which the company claims “provide increased stopping power, improved fade resistance, and a further weight reduction of 20 lbs / 9 kg.”

Model S P100D owners should be able to maintain 0-60 runs in under than 2.3 seconds and low 10 second quarter mile passes, but the company claims it can improve handling dynamics.

The high-performance tires are paired with Unplugged Performance Plug-N-Play High Performance Shocks, which are “custom tuned for the car, yet maintain full compatibility with the factory height adjustable air suspension system,” which is standard on the performance versions of the Model S.

Compatibility with Tesla’s systems is extremely important and Unplugged Performance says that the vehicles are tested to make sure they don’t affect the performance of existing features, like Tesla Autopilot.

For the demonstration vehicle, they also redid the interior with more “exotic” materials:

“Beginning with a headliner and pillar re-trim in Alcantara material, the customization continued to a completely reworked steering wheel, dashboard, and center console, as well as seats, door cards, console and dashboard components that feature luxurious materials like hand-selected premium leather and additional Alcantara accents. In addition to the custom upholstery, the steering wheel, instrument cluster, center console, door kick plates, seat trim and more were resurfaced in real carbon fiber with a factory satin clear coat finish.”

Here are a few images of the interior:

Unplugged can source new Model S P100Ds directly from Tesla to build an S-APEX or they can retrofitting existing P85D, P90D, P100D donor cars.

They say that the program begins at $50,000, excluding the price of the car, which means that it can easily go up to $200,000.

The demonstration vehicle is displayed at the Toyo Tires booth throughout the 2018 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

What do you think of the Unplugged Performance S-APEX series for Tesla Model S? Let us know in the comment section below.