Tesla opens Model 3 configurator across Europe with Feb 2019 delivery, 544km WLTP range

As Tesla moves its Model 3 output to Western Europe, it has alerted its first customers there to configure their Model 3s. We’ve got reports from FranceSwedenNorwayGermanyNetherlands. Spain and a few others. Only the performance long-range AWD and the long-range AWD models can be ordered at the moment for delivery in February.


Something interesting from the site update is that the WLTP ranges are specified for the AWD long-range version and the Performance version (544 km for the LR, and 530 for the Performance). That’s over 338 miles converted for long-range or almost 330 for AWD. In the US, Tesla quotes both cars as 310 miles though it was very conservative, especially on the RWD version.

Back in the US, the delivery window for 2018 is closing, but Tesla notes that it has shipped excess inventory to its dealers in anticipation for demand.

Federal Tax Credit

All [US] customers are eligible for the full $7,500 Federal Tax Credit if they take delivery by the end of the year. Stores may have vehicles available for immediate delivery. Learn more

European Model 3s have a different charge port, opting for the continental standard CCS Combo. Tesla will be retrofitting its Supercharger stations to accept both its proprietary connectors and the EU connectors.

Some prices and takes from local news sites translated:


Price for long range: 57.900 Euro Price for performance: 68.600 Euro Configuration for all Europeans until 31. Dec First delivery in the beginning of February Same delivery strategy like in NA, first long range / performance & depending on location


The Model 3 Grand autonomy with all-wheel drive is available from € 53,500 (eco bonus deducted) and the Model 3 Performance from € 64,300 (eco bonus deducted). The Model 3 is available in 5 colors. The Black Uni is included as standard. Metallic Night Gray and Metallic Overseas Blue are available for € 1,600, Multicolored Nacre White for € 2,100 and Multicolored Red for € 2,600.

The Model 3 comes standard with 18-inch Aero wheels. 19-inch Sport Wheels are available as an option for € 1,600. 20 “Performance Wheels are included as standard with the Performance Pack.

The Model 3 is equipped as standard with the same equipments and sensors of the automatic control system as the Model S and the Model X. With the option Automatic Pilot System improved (€ 5,300), the Model 3 will adapt its look to the vehicles preceding it, will stay on course, maneuver in a parking spot and will be able to automatically manage the car park in a narrow square.


Tesla has announced the prices of Model 3. They will start from € 59,100 for the version with dual engine and all-wheel drive and € 70,100 for the top-of-the-range version.

Tesla has also communicated the official autonomy of these two versions under the WLTP emission regulations. It would be 544 kilometers for the Model 3 with dual AWD engine and 530 kilometers for the Model 3 Performance. These two data surpass the autonomy of the Jaguar i-Pace that reaches up to 470 km; the same distance that the Hyundai Kona electric can travel. For its part, the Audi e-tron, offers 400 kilometers.


The Swedish prices start at 650,200 SEK for the Tesla Model 3 Long Range Dual Engine All-Wheel Drive. When we calculate the Swedish electric car bonus, the price of 590,200 kronor will end. Tesla Model 3 Performance costs 767,200 SEK before the electric bonus and 707,200 SEK after the discounted electric car bonus.


In the beginning only the longe range and the performance version of the ‘small’ Tesla can be ordered. The long range version with a 74 kWh battery and AWD starts at 58,800 euros, the performance version at 69,700 euros. The Model 3 long Range AWD has a large WLTP range of 544 km. The Tesla Model 3 Performance naturally also has AWD thanks to a dual engine and sprint in 3.5 seconds from 0-100 km / h. This version also features the Long Range battery, but good for a 530 km WLTP range. The Model 3 comes standard with Autopilot hardware, but you have to check the enhanced autopilot option to use it all. Cost: 5,300 euros. Each car comes with active standard safety functions, including autobrake, forward collision warning and side collision warning. All Model 3 buyers have pay-per-use access to Tesla’s global Supercharger network, but the car is also suitable for other fast chargers. The car will also receive the over-the-air updates known for the Model S and Model X. The order of delivery of the car depends on the reservation date, delivery location and configuration options. The brand makes no statements about the numbers that are reserved in the Netherlands (and paid in advance), but worldwide the counter rises to 450,000 reservations. People who do not want a performance or long range version will still have to be patient. Tesla does know that people can always cancel their reservation: the deposited 1,000 euros will then be refunded.

Electrek’s Take:

The timing here couldn’t really be better. Tesla is pouring all of its inventory into getting its US customers vehicles before the Federal $7500 tax credit expires. Then as 2019 starts and US demand slows, it starts putting Model 3s on boats for Europe where unquenched demand is untapped.