Python Is the Most Asked-About Language On Stack Overflow

python growth

Ibet most programmers cannot imagine life without Stack Overflow. The Q&A site for coding has received millions of programming queries since its creation and JavaScript was the most queried language on the platform, until now.

According to a Global App Testing report, Python has overtaken JavaScript as the most questioned programming language on Stack Overflow.

The company analyzed 11 most popular languages on the site, namely, JavaScript, Python, R, Ruby, C#, C++, Java, Objective-C, Swift, PHP, and SQL (yes, many of you would debate its status as a language).

python overtakes javascript
Image: Global App Testing

Taking a look at the hard numbers reveals JavaScript as the most asked-about language overall, with 1.75 million questions asked in one decade.

It is followed by Java with 1.51 million in the second position. The third spot is taken by C# with 1.28m, followed by PHP (1.26m) and Python (1.1m).

The above numbers pertain to the most frequently questioned language overall. But on splitting the data across time shows that Python has taken over JavaScript with a sharp increase in the number of queries.

The most popular topic related to JavaScript was jQuery, a popular JavaScript framework, along with the words ‘function’, ‘duplicate’ and ‘string.’

For Python, the last two were the most popular, but the most noteworthy mention was ‘Django.’

The report further states that “either Python is fast becoming the most popular programming language, or Python just has a bigger proportion of new coders compared to other languages.”

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