Winnipeg company searching for 116 missing solar panels


Four pallets of solar panels were stolen from a job site at Deacon's Corner on Oct. 14.

Four pallets of solar panels were stolen from a job site at Deacon’s Corner on Oct. 14.

Solar Manitoba / Facebook

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Solar Manitoba is looking for solar panels that were stolen from a job site at Deacon’s Corner.

A Facebook post from the company says on Oct. 14 four pallets of solar panels were stolen between 6 a.m. and 12 a.m. at the job site.

The pictures show the boxes sliced open and left empty.

But whoever took the panels left an important and helpful piece of information behind.

“What they left on the boxes were the serial numbers of all the panels that were stolen. There are very few of this brand and size of panel in Manitoba,” said Solar Manitoba in a Facebook post.

The post explains the serial numbers can be tracked by the manufacturer and have now been flagged as stolen.

“We have provided the serial numbers to the distributor, manufacturer, Manitoba Hydro and the City of Winnipeg,” posted Solar Manitoba.

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The company is warning businesses and residents in Winnipeg who will be installing solar panels, to be on the lookout.

“We would strongly recommend you check the brand of your panel and if they match the stolen type, then double-check the serial number and reach out to us,” said Solar Manitoba.

There is a $1,000 reward being offered to anyone with information.