Check Out This Radically Rendered Tesla: Roadster Meets Model S


Wait…what in the heck is this?

Is it a render of the next-generation Tesla Model S? If so, it’s radically different from today’s Model S. Do you see that “S” badge out back?

Or is it some sort of four-door render of the Tesla Roadster?

Perhaps it’s a little bit of both. Like a mash-up of the Model S and Roadster. Whatever it is, it sure looks striking.

Unfortunately, only this one lone image exists and we can’t see the front end of the car. But what we can see is that it’s a super sleek sedan that seems highly focused on performance. Let’s call it a Model S on steroids.

Just the other day, we presented a Tesla Roadster rendered as a shooting brake (wagon). It surely wasn’t fitting of the Roadster. But this four-door sweptback car really does impress with its outward appearance. We do hope Tesla offers multiple versions of the Roadster. Like say a hardtop, hardtop convertible and maybe even a soft top too.

The image comes to us via Citron Research, the previously anti-Tesla turned pro-Tesla research firm that we’ve reported on in the past. Why this image was included in its latest Tesla report is unknown, but let’s start the speculation right here in Comments below.

Image via Citron Research