Tesla Model 3 Accident: TeslaCam Shows Why You Need A Dashcam


This Model 3 was totaled by another driver who should not have been behind the wheel

This month, Tesla has been rolling out the newest software update for the Tesla Model 3, Model S and Model X. Version 9 includes the hotly anticipated built-in Dashcam feature often called TeslaCam. Already, videos have been making their way around the web showcasing the feature.

Brad King in Charlotte, NC caught footage of an accident after a Honda Accord pulled in front of his Model 3 in traffic. He attempted to stop and avoid the car but was unable to in time.

The driver of the Accord had a suspended drivers license and no insurance. The Accord was already visibly damaged and the headlights were off despite the dark, rainy conditions. Based on the footage, he is very clearly at fault.

But when authorities arrived, the Honda driver gave an account that contradicted that of King. The situation could have gotten messy, but the Tesla dashcam footage set the record straight. It looks like TeslaCam is going to absolutely be worth the time to enable.

Thankfully there were no major injuries as a result of the accident. But clearly the owner of the Honda should not have been driving. Hopefully autonomous vehicles will soon become the norm so fewer dangerous drivers are behind the wheel. Until then, install a dashcam.

Video Description via Brad King on YouTube:

Model 3 TOTALED Tesla dash cam video. Other driver had no license (suspended) and no insurance.