Watch This Inside Look At Rivian: See R1T Pickup Truck & R1S


A new player is ramping up its efforts in Detroit amidst much adversity.

Detroit is not a hub for electric vehicles. In fact, it’s one of many locations in which EVs many frown upon and even denounce electric cars. A few of us at InsideEVs live in the area, and we can tell you that it’s far from EV friendly in more ways than one. Nonetheless, Rivian chose a Detroit suburb as the location for its world headquarters. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to see an area that’s entrenched in legacy OEMs and ICE vehicles become host to a global leader in electric vehicles? We can only hope as Teslaexpands, it will move into the Midwest as well. The EV push is much-needed in that part of the country.

Of course, the primary focus in the Detroit area is on the Big Three: GMFord, and FCA. While these automakers have all delved into electric vehicles, none of them have made significant waves. One can argue for sure, however, that GM — with its legendary (and sadly discontinued) Volt and more recent Bolt EV — has made some notable strides. However, GM continues to stall future efforts indefinitely. Ford has many plans in the works, but again, nothing is tangible yet. FCA’s Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid is a compelling option, but sales are not impressive.

Weclome Rivian to the mix. A startup that’s been around and essentially “hiding” for a number of years. The upcoming all-electric automaker finally unveiled its first vehicles at the LA Auto Show near the end of 2018. Since then, it’s received backing from Amazon, and may eventually get support from GM.

Detroit Public TV’s One Detroit, among other Detroit-based media agencies have taken notice. Rivian and CEO RJ Scaringe have made their way onto local, prime time news. Daily Detroit takes a closer look at Rivian’s factory and gets an exclusive interview with Scaringe.

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Source: Daily Detroit