This $16 Raspberry Pi case has a 3.5 inch touchscreen on top

Raspberry Pi computers don’t need a case, but it’s not a bad idea to put them in one to reduce the risk of breaking something. Plus some of them look nice… and others actually add functionality to Raspberry Pi’s cheap single-board computers.

Case in point: Banggood is selling a $16 Raspberry Pi Case with a small touchscreen display that fits into the top.

The display is nothing to write home about: it’s a 3.5 inch, 480 x 320 pixel TFT LCD resistive touchscreen that you can interact with using a stylus that ships with the case, or with your fingers (or fingernails… which tend to work better on resistive touch panels than fingertips).

But it’s still pretty nifty that a case this cheap includes a display at all.

The case also has a top cover that you can put in place if you’re not using the touchscreen. That option lets you put a small cooling fan inside the case — but you can’t use a fan and touchscreen at the same time, so you’d have to take the case apart and replace some components to switch between using a touchscreen and using a fan.