Amazon Alexa now works with SiriusXM satellite radio in Canada Radio…on…the…internet By Brad BennettOCT 26, 20186:00 PM EDT0

Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant seems to get smarter every day, and now it can play satellite radio from SiriusXM Canada SiriusXM Canada is bringing over 200 channels to Alexa-enabled devices for users who already have a SiriusXM membership. All users need to do in enable the SiriusXM Alexa Skill and they’re good to go. Only ‘XM All Access’ and SiriusXM premier Streaming members will get access to the feature, but it can be added to the lower-tier plans for $4 per month. Every channel that is regularly included with the radio package is also available through Alexa with a specific voice command. Users simply need to say, “Alexa play…” …Howard Stern …Alt Nation …The Beatles Channel …SiriusXM Canada Laughs …E Street Radio …Real Jazz …Today Show Radio …SiriusXM NASCAR Radio …the Chicago Cubs …Doctor Radio …The Garth Channel …Pearl Jam Radio …SiriusXM NBA Radio …the Toronto Maple Leafs …Joel Osteen Radio …The Highway Followed by the “on SiriusXM” command, the voice-activated assistant will start playing that specific radio station. It’s worth mentioning that a SiriusXM subscription can only play audio on one device at a time, so if you were using it in your car and someone starts listening at home your music cuts out. Source: SiriusXM Canada