Chrome OS 70 is rolling out now with fresh tablet interface and floating Gboard

Every update makes Chrome OS better and better

Google’s Chrome OS operating system is being updated to version 70. This update brings a floating Gboard option and a changed look for tablets. If your Chromebook has a touchscreen or you have a Chrome OS tablet, then the apps in the ‘app shelf’ are now slightly more prominent and centred.

The ‘Control Panel’ where you set the screen brightness and Wi-Fi has been changed to look more like the icons in Android 9, with rounded, easily tappable icons. There are a few other minor visual changes, but more or less most things are in the same place, though they’re now easier to use with touchscreens now.

The Gboard-esque virtual keyboard can now be undocked and moved along the screen. There is another button that can also shrink the keyboard down to about the same size as it would be on a smartphone.

If your Chromebook has a camera, the Camera app has also been updated with a new look. In addition to this, the camera now sends captured files to the devices downloads folder. A smaller change that might help some people switch from a traditional PC to a Chromebook, is the addition of SMB file sharing so Chromebooks can talk to other devices on local networks much easier than before.