Buzzraw X retro e-bike smooths out the bumps with dual suspension



The Buzzraw X series e-bikes feature full suspension with 80 mm of travel front and rear
The Buzzraw X series e-bikes feature full suspension with 80 mm of travel front and rear(Credit: Coast Cycles)

Back in 2016, California’s Lithium Cycles hit Kickstarter with a pedal-assist electric bike called the Super 73 that rocked fat tires, a long seat and a retro mini-moto frame. Though the chunky tires of both the crowdfunded version and the subsequent general release model might soak up some of bumps during off-road adventures, neither featured suspension. Singapore’s Coast Cycles has rectified that with the launch of its dual suspension Buzzraw X.

The Buzzraw X series presents itself as two electric-assist bikes and one raw pedal model. All have dual suspension offering 80 mm of travel from a BuzzWalker front fork with anti-dive features and a central spring to the rear. They all come with that striking powder-coated chromoly frame, sport a long padded seat that will easily accommodate two, and come with disc braking as standard.

The Buzzraw X series e-bikes come with a BuzzWalker front fork with anti-dive features

The first of the e-bike models in the X series is the 61.7 lb (28 kg) X250 Buzzraw that’s aimed at EU markets. It features a 36 V Li-ion battery for up to 28 miles (45 km) per 5 hour charge, the 250 W rear hub motor is reckoned to be good for a top speed of 15.5 mph (25 km/h) and three levels of assist are on offer. The e-bike can manage 20 percent inclines, rocks a Gates carbon drive system and comes with a mid-handlebar dash that shows trip data such as speed, range and assist mode.

The 62.8 lb (28.5 kg) X750 is a similar looking ride with a similar spec sheet, but has been designed for US riders. As you may guess from the name, this model has been treated to a 750 W rear hub motor, and also gains a 48 V Li-ion battery – though the range is the same as the EU model. Top speeds aren’t given for this model, the e-bikes will presumably be tweaked to comply with local regulations.

The Buzzraw X750 rides on fat tires, comes with a long padded seat and rocks full...

Though both e-bike Buzzraws are being sold with a hub motor, Coast Cycles does mention that mid-drive motor options can be supported.

Riders who don’t need electric assist can opt for the Buzzraw X Pedal model, which tips the scales at 47.2 lb (21.4 kg), comes in three colors and benefits from a trigger shifter.

All of the new Buzzraw X bikes are currently up for pre-order, though Coast Cycles is not giving away any pricing or availability information at this time.