The discounted Garmin Speak is a tiny GPS with Alexa built in

Alexa roads, take me home.

Amazon has the Garmin Speak with Amazon Alexa available at close to a 50% discount. Usually it costs around $100, but thanks to this deal you’ll only pay $59. This is a relatively new item, but today’s price is by far the best we’ve ever seen for it.

The Garmin Speak adds Alexa to your car. That means you can ask her to play music, create to-do lists, check your calendar, or even place an Amazon order. You can also ask her to use Garmin skills, including checking the speed limit and giving you turn-by-turn directions. Think GPS without the super-distracting screen. The diminutive interface animates when you’re approaching your next turn, and the visual cues are easy to follow.

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You don’t need anything special to power it, either. It just uses your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone and your phone’s data. Voice prompts will be piped through your car’s speakers using either Bluetooth or an AUX cord. The Garmin Speak has an extra-long cable, so you can place it wherever works best for you, and it plugs in to your vehicle’s cigarette outlet. New skills and features are being rolled out all the time, too. Map information is automatically updated, more apps are coming soon, and you have access to all sorts of fun Alexa skills in the meantime.

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