What is Amazon Alexa Guard?


Best answer: Alexa Guard is Amazon’s way of turning you Echo speakers into a security system by having the speakers listen for specific sounds.

Amazon: Amazon Echo Plus (2nd Gen) ($150)

Amazon: Ring Video Doorbell 2 ($200)

Amazon: Ring Stick Up Cam ($180)

Amazon: Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance Starter Kit ($200)

What is Amazon Alexa Guard?

Alexa Guard will be a way you can use your existing Echo speakers to build a home security system. Here’s how it’ll work: your Echo speakers already have microphones on them to hear voice commands. If you tell your speaker you’re leaving the house, the microphones will start monitoring for strange sounds.

Those sounds can be glass breaking, a smoke and carbon monoxide detector blaring, or other specific sounds. This doesn’t need new hardware: Amazon just trained Alexa to be able to detect those noises. If it does detect something, you’ll get an alert on your smartphone.

Alexa Guard will get even better the more smart home pieces you have. If you have smart lights installed and hooked up to Alexa, it will randomly turn your lights on and off to simulate someone being home. If you have a security system from Ring or ADT, Alexa Guard will be able to send an alert to whoever is monitoring your home.

When can I use Amazon Alexa Guard?

Amazon announced the new feature in fall 2018, but did not specify when it would roll out to users.

A smarter speaker

Amazon Echo Plus (2nd Gen)

Home automation, great sound and now: home security.

Amazon’s Echo Plus speaker lets you listen to your favorite music, control your smart home, and so much more. And with Alexa Guard, it’ll keep an ear out when you’re away from home.

Eyes up

Ring Video Doorbell 2

Keep an eye on your stuff.

If you don’t already have an Echo speaker and want something for home security, you may as well spring for a security camera. This model from Ring will keep a watch over your entryway, and you’ll be able to check on it at any time from your smartphone.

Look inside

Ring Stick Up Cam

A camera for inside the home.

If you have a camera pointing outside, you may as well get one for indoors as well. This Ring camera can be placed anywhere inside your home, and ties in nicely with Alexa. The camera can alert you with Alexa Guard, or you can check in at any time from Ring’s app.

Shine bright

Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance Starter Kit

Light up your whole home.

Whether you use them with Alexa Guard to deter intruders, or to compliment the lighting during your favorite movie, Philips Hue are the smart bulbs to have. This kit includes a hub that will connect all the bulbs to your internet router, as well as four bulbs. If you get more bulbs in the future, the hub you already have can be used to connect those.

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