Mozilla rolls out Firefox for iPad with split screen support

Firefox for iPad, now available on the App Store comes with several features that will help it stand out among other internet browsers available for the tablet. One of these features is split screen support, which is viewed as a tool to improve productivity.

The iPad provides a limited range of split screen capabilities, depending on the model, that allows two apps to be displayed on the screen at the same time. Firefox for iPad now supports this feature, so it is possible browse the internet on one side of the screen while another app is open on the other side.

Another unique feature for Firefox for iPad is its tab management. Instead of displaying tabs as a row at the top of the browser, they are shown as tiles to make it easy for users to see what they are and which ones should be kept and removed. The Send Tabs feature is also available, allowing users to send tabs between devices for continuous browsing.

The browser also provides a quick way to access Private Browsing Mode, through a purple icon located in the lower left corner. Tapping on the icon instantly brings up the privacy mode, instead of having to go into menus to activate it.

For iPad owners who use the tablet with an external keyboard, Firefox now supports many of the shortcuts that are available on Mac computers. Some examples include Command + R to reload the page and Command + T to open a new tab.

Mozilla noted that it is not allowed for Firefox to be selected as the default browser on the iPad. As consolation, Microsoft Outlook on iOS lets users decide which browser will open email links, and Firefox is now an option.

Firefox for iPad also has all the Firefox for iOS features available from the start, including night mode, a dark theme, and Tracking Protection. This makes the browser a viable option for the tablet, compared to Google Chrome, Apple’s own Safari, and several other available apps.