Uber’s new Jump e-bikes have swappable batteries

They also have phone holders and retractable cable locks.

Jump is giving its eye-catching red e-bikes an overhaul. It will launch an updated version in the New Year with a raft of new features, including a holder for your phone (useful for turn-by-turn navigation) and a retractable cable lock, which should make it easier to secure the bike.


Perhaps the most important update in the upgraded bike is a swappable battery pack. That means the Jump team won’t necessarily need to take a bike off the streets for hours on end to charge it — switching out the battery should only take a few minutes.

The dashboard is moving from the back to between the handlebars, so placing a bike on hold or requesting a repair should prove a little more convenient. The pin system is going away, and you’ll instead scan a QR code to unlock a bike. Reserving or unlocking one should be faster too, thanks to 4G connectivity.

The bikes will send real-time diagnostics to Uber-owned Jump, which will use the data to optimize performance, while the new machines can self-diagnose some more common problems when they arise. Meanwhile, don’t worry too much if you’re feeling left out, scooter fans: Jump plans to bring some of these features to its e-scooters as well.

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