Google Chrome update looks set to fix one of this browser’s biggest irritations

GOOGLE Chrome could soon get a major upgrade that will address one of the browser’s biggest irritations and it will surely come as good news for users.

Chrome is the American tech giant’s browser that has long been the most popular on both desktop and mobile platforms.

Google regularly issues Chrome with updates that range from substantial aesthetic changes to handy new tweaks.

And it appears the Mountain View company is working to make Chrome’s browsing experience more intuitive than ever by fixing one of its biggest problems.

The outlet also found a bug associated with the addition that included a description for its functionality.

It read: “Users can organize tabs into visually distinct groups, e.g. to separate tabs associated with different tasks.”

Chrome Story insisted the evidence found suggested the “tab groups” feature was still in the “very early stages of development”.

This means it could be a while before users are able to take advantage of such functionality.

“Tab groups” appears to be a new mechanism for arranging a number of tabs into a folder-type format.

This means Chrome users may soon have a more elegant way to browse with a multitude of tabs open at once.

Currently, the only way to view tabs in the client is to arrange them in a row.

Extensions exist that attempt to deliver grouping features for users, but at the moment no official method exists from Google.

It is unclear when the “tab groups” feature may arrive for all users.

However, before features for the browser debut, they typically arrive in Chrome Canary first.

Canary is an early-release version of Chrome and provides a good indication as to how forthcoming features will work before they are released on Google’s popular browser.

It is possible “tab groups” could arrive in Chrome Canary in the coming weeks, providing a greater insight into the addition.