Google Chrome update looks set to dramatically improve how you browse the web

GOOGLE Chrome looks set for an update that will dramatically change how you navigate the web thanks to a brand new feature.

Google Chrome is the Mountain View firm’s internet browser that is incredibly popular.

The client far surpasses the likes of Safari, Microsoft Edge and Firefox in terms of monthly users.

Chrome is regularly updated by Google, meaning new features and improvements are always being introduced.

Google Chrome does not currently offer a way to organise tabs, instead users have no choice but to open different windows for specific sets of pages if they want to group items.

Chrome Story initially spotted the code change and a bug associated with it.

A description gave a glimpse into how the tab groups feature could work.

It read: “Users can organise tabs into visually distinct groups, e.g. to separate tabs associated with different tasks.”

At the time it was noted the function was still in early stages of development.

Tab groups appears to be a solution from Google to arrange a multitude of pages into a folder-style format.

However, it is assumed different groups of tabs could be accessed from a single strip and Chrome window.

But now it appears more information about the feature has emerged via a flag Google has added to Chrome Canary.

Chrome Canary is an early build of the browser that is used to test forthcoming features.

TechDows noted the flag allows users to right-click the tab strip and select a “add to group button” for pages.

Moreover, the publication also discovered a new code commit that gives further details into the highly-anticipated tool.

It read: “This CL is part of the prototype of above-described tab groups feature.

“The Prototype will allow users to create and manipulate groups primarily via tab context menus and will display tab group affiliation in the tab strip.

“Future work will include persisting and syncing groups, manipulating groups via tab dragging and a drop-down menu for group headers.”

Although Google appears to have made progress with the feature since November, it still seems as though much work needs to be done before it is ready for all Chrome fans to enjoy.

The tab groups feature for the client does not have an official release date.