Firefox 67.0 Release Information

Firefox 67.0 is the new stable version of the web browser. First offered on May 21, 2019, it introduces new features such as private browsing mode extension controls and marks the beginning of the WebRender rollout.

Mozilla updates all Firefox versions using the same schedule: Firefox 66 Stable to 67, Firefox 67 Beta to 68, Firefox 68 Nightly to 69, and Firefox ESR 60.6 to 60.7.

The release overview below highlights new features, major and minor features, development related changes, known issue, and security changes.

You may check the Firefox 66.0 release overview here.

Executive Summary

  • WebRender will be enabled for 5% of compatible systems.
  • New installed extensions won’t run in private browsing mode by default.
  • Performance improvements.

Firefox 67.0 download and update

firefox 67.0 stable

The Firefox 67 distribution starts today. You can check for updates with a click on Menu > Help > About Firefox, or wait until the new update is pushed automatically to the device.

Direct downloads are available as well. Note that these may not be available at the time of publication of the guide.

Firefox 67.0 Changes

Control which extensions run in private browsing mode

firefox extensions run in private windows

Starting with the release of Firefox 67 Stable, all extensions that do get installed by users in the web browser won’t run in private browsing windows by default.

The installation dialog displays an option to allow a particular extension to run in private windows, and there is an option to modify the preference for each individual extension in the browser’s add-ons manager.

All you need to do is open about:addons, select Extensions from the menu, and click on any of the extensions to open its profile page. There you may need to scroll down a bit to the bottom section to allow or disallow that extension from running in private windows.

Firefox’s add-ons manager displays for each extension if it is allowed to run in private windows on the main page making it easy to keep an overview of the behavior.

All extensions installed previously retain rights to run in private windows; if you want that changed, you have to do so in the add-ons manager.

requires access

Extensions that require private window access don’t come with a switch. These state “Requires Access to Private Windows”.

Firefox Screenshots: upload functionality removed

firefox screenshots no upload

Firefox Screenshots is still a part of the browser but Mozilla decided to remove the screenshot uploading functionality of the screen capturing feature.

Mozilla announced the decision back in January 2019. Firefox Screenshots users may capture screenshots using the tool and save these to the local system.

Content Blocking: Cryptominers and Fingerprinting

firefox cryptomining fingerprint

Mozilla added content blocking options to Firefox 63. The update to Firefox 67 improves these by adding options to block cryptominers and fingerprinters automatically.

The options are not enabled by default. Load about:preferences#privacy in the Firefox address bar and locate the content blocking section on the page that opens.

Select Strict or Custom to enable the protection. Strict enables all protections, custom gives you options to select what you want to block. If you select custom, select Cryptominers and Fingerprinters to block these in Firefox.

Profiles per installation to avoid conflicts

firefox profiles

New Firefox installations will use a dedicated profile automatically starting with the release of Firefox 67. Firefox used existing profiles previously by default which led to two issues:

  • Profiles were shared between different Firefox installations, e.g. Nightly and Stable, which could lead to conflicts.
  • You could not run multiple Firefox installations side by side by default.

Firefox supports options to run multiple profiles side-by-side and the new release does not take these away. It makes things easier for users of the browser who install different versions of Firefox on a single device.

Other changes

  • Study: Pocket study with an “improved Pocket experience” featuring “different layouts” and “more topical content”.
  • FIDO U2F API enabled.
  • File Menu has a new Import Data option.
  • Firefox Account toolbar menu.
  • Firefox may highlight features, e.g. Pin Tabs, to the user.
  • Font and date adjustments for new Japanese Era.
  • Keyboard accessibility improvements: control the toolbar and overflow menu with keys:
    1. Ctrl-L to focus the address bar.
    2. Tab and Shift-Tab to move between toolbar button groups.
    3. Arrow keys to move in a group.
    4. Space or Enter to activate a toolbar button.
    5. F6 to return without action.
  • Passwords may be saved in private browsing mode.
  • Performance improvements in various areas, e.g. automatically unload unused tabs.
  • Pin Tabs from the Page Actions menu.
  • Quick access to saved logins from Main Menu and autocomplete.
  • User Scripts WebExtensions API is coming to Firefox 68. Users may enable it as early as Firefox 66 by setting the preference extensions.webextensions.userScripts.enabled to true.
  • Mozilla plans to roll out WebRender to 5% of Stable users on Windows 10 devices with Nvidia graphics cards. You may enable this manually by setting gfx.webrender.all to true.

Firefox 67.0 known issues

  • None listed.

Developer Changes

  • dav1d is the default media decoder for AV1.
  • Developers may disallow extensions from running in private windows.
  • External protocol URLs that don’t return data can’t be loaded anymore in iframes to prevent DOS-like attacks.
  • Legacy Touch Events API is disabled on the desktop.
  • The Notifications API can’t be used by insecure sites anymore.

Firefox 67.0 for Android

Another minor release as Mozilla continues development of a new Firefox for Android browser.

  • Guest Session feature has been removed.
  • New Search widget with voice input.

Security updates / fixes

Mozilla publishes information about security updates after the official release. You find security information on this page.

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Firefox 67.0 Release Information
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Firefox 67.0 Release Information
Firefox 67.0 is the new stable version of the web browser. First offered on May 21, 2019, it introduces new features and major changes.
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