Focals Are the Stylish Smart Glasses You’ve Been Waiting For

Smart glasses just got a whole new drip! The geniuses over at North have created stylish eyewear of the future with their latest product, Focals.

Focals are essentially smart glasses aimed for everyday wear. The wearer can read text messages, get turn-by-turn navigation, check the weather, and even request an Uber that is displayed on a holographic display system hidden inside the frame. Furthermore, Amazon Alexa is even accessible via a small built-in microphone only the user can hear.

On the hardware side, opting to go for a more traditional eyewear look instead of an attention grabbing Google Glass style, Focals feature a subtle blend of design, utility, and technology without looking like a futuristic sci-fi movie prop. They come in two styles (classic and round), three colors (black, tortoise, and grey fade) and offer either prescription or non-prescription lenses. The frames are designed using a combination of premium eyewear materials and feature the hidden holographic display.

Focals will cost $999 USD and are custom-built using a unique sizing process to ensure a comfortable and attractive fit. As result, you must schedule an appointment in either of North’s Brooklyn or Toronto Showrooms in order to go through their custom fitting experience.

For more information, head over the North’s site here. Will you be copping a pair?