has a promo right now on their Echo Dot smart speakers, powered by Alexa. If you buy two Echo Dots, you can save $100 off. This takes the price down to $119.99 each, saving you $50 off the regular price of $169.99. The Echo Spot is only 7 months old, as it launched back in April in Canada.

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The Echo Spot comes in a compact design, while the main feature is a 2.5-inch touchscreen, allowing you to take video calls, watch Prime Video, view baby monitors and more. Have the touchscreen display allows you to quickly and easily control music playback without the need to call for Alexa.

It’s also very handy for watching quick news and sports briefs, which in our experience was nice to have, on top of being able to view quick headlines, the time and weather at a glance.

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