Dirty Dogs Montreal Now Sells Beyond Meat Burgers

It’s going to be only restaurant in the city other than A&W to serve it.

Dirty Dogs, renowned for their poutine, loaded hot dogs, and delicious burgers, are expanding their menu once more. They are set to start including the “Beyond Meat Burger” into their menu, which means that vegetarians and vegans will be able to enjoy burgers and hot dogs like never before. Currently, the only other restaurant in Montreal that serves the “Beyond Meat” patty is A&W.

Today is the official launch day! Go check out their menu on their Facebook page, and then head over to Saint-Laurent Boulevard with a few friends for great food and fun cocktails.

TL;DR Dirty Dogs is expanding their menu to include more vegetarian options, by adding the “Beyond Meat” burger to their menu: a patty famed for its startlingly meat-like texture and taste.

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Dirty Dogs is a staple on the Saint-Laurent food and bar crawl. They have to-die-for, fuly-loaded hot dogs, and wild poutine creations. They’re especially well known for their mac-and-cheese and bacon poutine. Probably not the best idea if you’re on a diet, but we all deserve a cheat day.

Don’t tell me you’re able to look at this photo and NOT crave comfort food…

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Now that Dirty Dogs is adding a new vegetarian option to their menu, their selections will become even more expansive.

As of now, the menu already features several vegetarian options: both the hot dogs and the burgers can be served with vegetarian patties.

What differentiates a vegetarian patty from the “Beyond Meat” one is the taste and texture. According to their website, they add beet juice to their burgers to make them “bleed,” and the texture is just like a regular burger.

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As a vegetarian myself, I’m pretty excited to try out these new options!