WebRender Reaches Beta For GPU-Accelerated Web Rendering In Firefox
Written by Michael Larabel in Mozilla on 26 October 2018 at 09:40 AM EDT. 19 Comments

WebRender, the very exciting multi-year project for providing more GPU-accelerated rendering of web content and originally developed as part of the experimental Servo engine, has reached the beta milestone.

WebRender was announced today to have achieved the beta milestone, but there are several blocker bugs remaining so it will remain in beta for a few release streams before it has “received enough polish to hit the release population.”

WebRender remains available for easily enabling within Firefox Nightly via the gfx.webrender.all setting within about:config followed by a restart to the web-browser.

More details on achieving the beta milestone for WebRender via the Mozillagfx blog. Looks like I’ll have to be running some Firefox Nightly benchmarks this weekend!