Valve brings Steam Link to Raspberry Pi

Stream games from your PC to your TV with some low-cost hardware

Valve recently discontinued its Steam Link hardware, the small hardware peripheral that let PC users stream games to another device over an in-home network, and the company is now completely sold out of the device. And while the Android version of Steam Link will continue, Valve has released something for low-cost hardware as well.

Steam Link is now in beta for Raspberry Pi, the tiny, affordable computer aimed at hobbyists and aspiring programmers. Valve is currently supporting the Raspberry Pi 3 and 3 B+ running Raspbian Stretch, and Steam Link is free to install. Instructions for how to do so are noted in a Steam community post.

A Raspberry Pi 3 B+ will typically cost you about $35 — Micro Center has it on sale for $29.99 — making the mini computer an attractive and inexpensive Steam Link option for people who want a dedicated piece of hardware. That is, if you missed the clearance pricing on Steam Link, which was as low as $2.50 (plus shipping) at certain points.

Valve launched Steam Link in 2015, letting PC gamers stream games from their computers running Steam out to a television. The hardware was originally priced at $49.99.