These smart glasses just got way more affordable


Focals By North smart glasses. — North

Focals By North smart glasses. — North

Focals, the smart glasses by North that actually look like a standard pair of stylish glasses, just got a price reduction of nearly half.

Four months ago, Canadian startup North introduced Focals, a set of smart glasses that you wouldn’t mind being seeing in public with because, not only can they be customized with your prescription, but also they look like your typical pair of specs.

With that being said and with them officially going on sale last month, North is still trying to figure out the appropriate pricing – and is making major adjustments already.

Originally, a non-prescription, non-customised pair would put owners back US$999 (RM4,077). Now, a pair of Focals has a price tag of US$599 (RM2,445), though any modifications made will cost a pretty penny.

Limited edition finishes like Tortoise and Gray Fade will add US$100 (RM408) to your bill, and to get the holographic lenses with your prescription, you’ll need to add another US$200 (RM816).

Considering that smart glasses haven’t been much of a hit with the public (remember Snapchat Spectacles and Google Glass? Probably not) and is a tech genre that is still emerging, North wasn’t able to properly price their product. The company told The Verge that “Everything from manufacturing efficiencies to customer feedback is impacting this price change.”

If you’re an owner of a pair of Focals that you paid full price for over the last month, you can contact the company for a refund based on the price drop. – AFP Relaxnews