Google Assistant’s interpreter mode is now available


Translate 26 languages on your smart speaker

Back at CES, Google demonstrated a new interpreter function of the Google Assistant that lets you speak one language to the device and have it translate what you said into another. Now the company has revealed via a support page that the interpreter function is rolling out to Google Home and smart display devices, as reported by Android Police (and confirmed via testing by The Verge).

The interpreter mode supports 26 different languages and can be invoked by asking the Google Assistant to help you speak a particular language or to “turn on interpreter mode.” On smart displays, the feature will display the translation, as well as speak it aloud. But like we saw at CES, it’s a kludgy process that involves speaking, waiting, and then listening to the device respond. It can help in certain scenarios, but it’s not something I’d want to rely on for any lengthy or complicated conversations.

If you have a Google Home speaker, another speaker with Google Assistant, or a smart display, you should be able to access the interpreter mode starting today.