Here are all the new languages coming soon to the Google Assistant

We’ve watched as Google Assistant has grown from its early days in Google Allo (RIP) to a digital assistant that’s now available on not only most Android smartphones and tablets, but also Google Home smart speakers, select Chromebooks, smartwatches, IoT devices, televisions, cars, and more. As with many Google products, Google Assistant was initially released with only a handful of supported languages and regions. Over time, however, the service has expanded to now support 17 different languages, as listed below. Many of the languages listed below were only recently added, though. Assistant only supported 8 languages back in February before Google announced support for 7 new languages, with plans to support 30 total languages by 2019. Then at the Google for India event, the company announced support for Hindi and their plans to support 7 additional Indian languages. Lastly, Google rolled out support for Chinese (Traditional) after announcing the Google Pixel 3 in Taiwan.

So what are the next languages that Google Assistant will support? While Google has yet to make a formal announcement, the latest beta version of the Google App that rolled out over the weekend has a few clues. With help from XDA Recognized Developer Quinny899, we activated the expanded set of languages in the Google App settings. According to our findings, the following languages are in testing:

We don’t have a timeline for when these languages will be supported. At Mobile World Congress 2018, Google announced that “by the end of the year, [Assistant] will be available in more than 30 languages.” We have a month and a half until 2019, so I suspect we’ll be hearing an announcement from Google pretty soon. Although we managed to get the Google App to show these upcoming languages, we were unable to actually test them because the Google Assistant would time out on us after enabling the extended language list. We’ll let you know when these languages become available in the Google App, however. You can see the full list of supported languages (old and new) in the screenshots below.