This 8-Course Bundle Introduces You to Python and Machine Learning

There are hundreds of programming languages in the world, and if you’re interested in working as an engineer or developer, choosing which one to focus on can be a daunting task.

Python is one of the most dynamic and scaleable programming languages on the planet, and its versatility makes it a popular first language for many aspiring techies. The Total Python Machine Learning Bundle will teach you how to add this language to your programming repertoire and integrate it with the latest AI technology—all for a price you get to pick.

With eight expert-led courses, this bundle introduces you not only to Python, but also advanced neural networks, TensorFlow, artificial intelligence programming concepts, deep learning, the technology and code behind devices like Siri, and much more.

Master Python and the technology that’s driving innovation in tech with the Total Python Machine Learning Bundle. Pay any price you want, and, if that’s less than the average price paid, you’ll still take home part of the bundle. Beat the average price and you get the entire collection instantly.