In addition to Google Home, you can now use Google Assistant on your Pixel to control Nest thermostats

For some reason, until now, asking to change your house’s temperature with a Nest thermostat worked just fine with Google Assistant on a Home device, but not from a Pixel. However, as Android Police reports, this should not be the case anymore…The settings within Assistant still don’t show the change — where only Home devices have a dedicated “Home control” section — but the virtual helper on the Pixel finally does what it’s asked to do.

It even works out minutiae like understanding that “change 273degrees” is actually “change to 73 degrees” — exactly the kind of smart you would expect from what’s arguably the best digital assistant around, despite all of its shortcomings and the inconsistencies like the one above.

This is a problem indeed, and not just between Assistant-related tasks themselves, which vary upon the kind of device you use; there’s also a number of things that the old Google Voice Search was (and still is) capable of handling just fine, but that the Assistant is inexplicably incapable of — like, for instance, identifying songs.

If Assistant is even half as important to Google‘s future as it claims, smoothing out things like this will become indispensable. We just hope it won’t take too long.