Small acts of kindness: Android users can now assist blind people worldwide via Be My Eyes

A couple of years ago, a small app called Be My Eyes launched on iOS. A great tool with that “change the world” attitude behind it. Basically, you register in the app as either a blind person or a sighter user. The former can request assistance whenever they need something to be read or described to them. Then, the app queues up a list of sighted users and starts pinging them for assistance. When a helper is found, the blind person points their phone at whatever they need “seen” — an expiry date on a product, a place, a label, anything of the sort — and the assistant reads the information out to them.

A tiny gesture that can make the difference for somebody, right? Well, Android users can now join in as well. The app has been launched on the Play Store a couple of days ago and is currently sitting at a 4.9 rating with 218 votes. You can check it out in the link below — it’s a free download, naturally.

Be My Eyes: Android | iOS