Google’s Project Fi referral plan gives you $20 in credit just for signing up

google project fi referral planProject Fi has been hailed for many reasons, the biggest of which being that, unlike with major carriers, customers will get reimbursed for any data that they don’t use but paid for at the start of the month. It’s customer base, however, hasn’t been huge. Well, Google is trying to change that, and has launched a referral program that will give both new and existing customers $20 in credit if they use the new program.

The option is called “Refer a Friend,” and in the Project Fi app you’ll find it in the Account tab. When you refer a friend, you’ll get a little code that you can send to your contacts, and anyone who signs up to Project Fi with the code will get $20 of credit for both themselves and the referrer.

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To qualify for the promotion, users have to have signed up to Project Fi for 30 days, and can’t have signed up before. Not only that, but users also have to sign up for two months of service, and the person referring other people has to have an account in good standing. Finally, the amount of referrals a person can make is limited to 10, and the referral program is only running until January 11, 2017.

It’s certainly an interesting way for Google to try and get more subscribers, but it makes sense. Project Fi is already far cheaper than most major wireless carriers for many people, and the fact that you get reimbursed for data you don’t use makes the deal even sweeter. Project Fi costs $20 per month as a base charge, and on top of that you’ll pay $10 per gigabyte of data you use. But, if you pay for 2GB at $20, and only end up using 1.6GB, you’ll get $4 back to go toward your next bill.